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Fusion services include consulting, business development, and outsourcing of the sales and marketing activities in the countries our clients select. The business world is complicated. A partnership with Fusion will ease the pain, decrease the time it takes to achieve goals, and reduce your investment in the territory.

Fusion Consulting

Let Fusion Consulting Group help you analyze the opportunity to enter the markets we serve. We can help you understand barriers and cost of entry, timeline to launch, revenue opportunity, and what you need and how you operate to achieve such revenues.

  • Sales representatives, marketing, and business development

  • Strategic account development and management

  • Government sales and relationship management

  • Turn-key solution development for strategic clients

  • Strategic plan development and implementation

  • Marketing plan development and implementation


We are a unique consulting company as we strive to partner in the actual operation instead of just
writing a report and saying “Goodbye”. Fusion has helped companies in various industries conquer different countries. We follow a strict methodology in each of our engagements. One that looks at the opportunities as if they were our own, which at the end become a partnership between us.


Types of project we have performed:

  • Industry/product specific pricing analysis

  • Business development opportunity review

  • Business and marketing plan development

  • Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization development, creation, implementation, and management

  • Customer relationship management – how to delight your customer?

  • Business process management – how to keep up with change and technology? Add value + deliver measurable results > become more efficient

  • Process and operational performance – transforming processes or the way an organization works in order to reach their goals and objectives faster optimizing the company’s structure and their way of doing business

  • Project staffing – rest assure we will provide you with added value professionals that will get the job done under our supervision or directly incorporated to your team

  • Rightsizing your IT organization – comprehensive staffing analysis to match your needs based on your clients deliverables and expectations

Fusion Pharma

You have gained approval from the FDA to sell and market products in the USA. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands follow the FDA rules and regulations, thus why not sell in Puerto Rico or the Us Virgin Islands? These tow territories have a well-developed and highly profitable healthcare and insurance markets. These insurance companies must comply with US laws and regulations. Fusion’s expertise and relationships have helped companies gain new clients for their services

Fusion performs services for its clients as they are required:

  • Contract Sales Organization in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands: physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals

  • Managed care coverage and contracting

  • Government coverage and contracting

  • Lobbying

  • Patient advocacy program development, implementation, and management

  • Trade development and coverage

  • Business development

  • Local pricing analysis

  • Local market advertising and marketing analysis and support

  • Company and product registration

  • Product and service evaluation to meet local market needs

  • Pricing analysis

  • Sales and marketing activities

  • Account management

  • Contracting with potential customers

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology practice works with companies which products are not being sold in one or more countries in various areas of the world: Latin America, Caribbean Basin, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East, Pacific Rim, and Asia.


The technology practice works with companies to market and sell their technology solutions in Latin America, the Caribbean Basin and Puerto Rico. Today’s technology companies are seeking every opportunity they can find to compete in new markets, but at what cost. The key to success is a partnership with a proven company that has the know-how and relationships to achieve and exceed the company’s expectations.

Our experience in the Latin America and Caribbean Basin IT marketplace positions us as a premier partner for your solutions. We strive to achieve world-class customer service, which in turn leads to revenues.

IT is a true fast paced - constant changing marketplace and thanks to our relationships our clients benefit from long-term stable relationships. Fusion services include: Consulting, Technology Solutions, Sales + Marketing Outsourcing, and Industry Specific Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean basin.

Fusion Sports

We distribute and market Sport Nutrition brands and related products in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

In Fusion Sports we recognize the importance of Health and Wellness. Our Promise is to Always offer Best in Class products.

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