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 Founded in 2008 Fusion Consulting Group is a minority-women owned company that specializes in delivering highly effective sales and marketing initiatives that generate incremental revenues for our clients. Our business model is Risk-free for our clients and one where we take ownership in our markets.

Understanding and mastering the intricacies, customs, pricing, and sales and marketing processes in the international markets takes years of experience. Many companies believe that business is conducted the same way throughout the world, thus when they enter a country/market the results are lackluster. Let Fusion help you and your company achieve Blockbuster results, which translate into revenues and profits.

Fusion include consulting, business development, and outsourcing of the sales and marketing activities in the countries our clients select. The business world is complicated. A partnership with Fusion will ease the pain, decrease the time it takes to achieve goals, and reduce your investment in the territory.

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